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"What is your mother? A lioness among lions!" - Ezekiel 19:2

Year of Jubilee, 2018

Year of Jubilee, 2018

I'm thankful for 2017. I was broken, shaken and sifted. In the process I fell so deeply in love with the Lord. I have never felt such love before. I never felt such closeness to Him and his mercy and grace for me. There were days I cried out in despair, feeling alone and abandoned, "You are my comforter! comfort me now".  He did. He showed me to rely and fall on him alone. I searched for someone or something to fill my broken heart after my mom died. During the time I also struggled with marital issues, but the Lord wanted so desperately to have my whole heart. I had to be broken to surrender it.  I had to be empty to allow Him to fill me with his love and compassion for people, especially my husband. I'm sitting here thinking of New Years resolutions, I'm flooded with all I want to accomplish.  I'll write them as a prayer request and circle around those goals and dreams. Because, my goodness, who gives us dreams? Our maker does. The one that designed our every cell, fills us with hopes, dreams and desires. He wants us to have them, to thrive and give Him the glory! I love Him. 

here it goes:

1) A house. I pray for a house that will meet our needs. I pray for a house with every ounce of my being because It's hard raising three boys in an apartment and to host anything is pretty much impossible- as far as a party, or a girls night/ Bible study.  Guys, we need a house.  My boys will very soon, break the walls down in the apartment. 

2) My art career. I am praying for time management in this category as well.  I want to start painting again and actually selling my pieces.  There is a project I am starting to work on and I'm asking Holy Spirit to join along and guide me through it.  This is the year I want and pray that this gift that the Lord gave me - this dream, takes off. 

3) Marriage. I just pray for our marriage. That if another storm hits, we will not be shaken, or drowing. That we will stand together and fight through it instead of turning on each other. 

4) This Blog.  I pray that I can pour my heart into this and be transparent, to uplift, to encourage. to use my written words wisely.  Yes, I want to do this full time, so time management here as well. 

5) My boys. I pray protection over my boy's minds, hearts and bodies.  I pray they will love education and learning. That they will be excited to explore and learn new things.  I pray I can be a great mom to them, that they will take only the good from both my husband and I. I just pray they fall in Love with the Lord and He reveals His plans for their lives at a young age. 

6) Friendships. In 2017 I had a hard time letting some friendships go, and need wisdom in nurturing the ones that are ever so dear to my heart.

 This is a year of Jubilee! Celebration !  I feel that we aught to celebrate life. Celebrate each day that we are gifted. So lets start now. Start to celebrate what you are given, look on the bright side and try our hardest to wake up and choose joy. 

Happiest New Year to Everyone! 

Comment one of your prayers for the year and I will be praying for an outpouring of miracles all year for you. 

A little personal style : 

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