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My Big E Antibody Situation

My Big E Antibody Situation

I was 22 weeks pregnant when I had the typical blood screen. In a matter of days, I received a phone call from my doctor's office to discuss the presence of the Big E antibodies in by blood. The nurse wasn't very clear what this is. She told me if the antibody E count gets to a 7, I will have to switch my care to a Primatologist specialist and will be watched pretty close. Well, that freaked me out. The count was at a 2, so I had nothing to worry about, she said. I proceeded to ask about how this will effect the baby. I was told if this count gets too high the baby will develop fluid on all organs and the worse case is hydrocephalus (Ummm, yeah I Googled that word and was a stress case). Others effects are, jaundice, organ damage, heart failure, still birth... sigh. The nurse assured me I can make it through my pregnancy with the antibody count low enough that we don't have to worry about anything, a little jaundice. 

From that point on I had to have blood work every Monday. Just a week later my numbers almost double to 12! The nurse called me again and told me my care is switched to the Primatologist and we needed to set an appointment for a particular ultrasound that will monitor the baby’s blood pressure in his arteries and veins in the brain. If the pressure increases that will indicate the baby is struggling and we will need to get him out. 

The specialist told me, "these things multiply every two weeks. There is pattern, so we can predict when to induce you and get him out and do a little blood transfusion." 

Around 27-30 weeks the numbers were around 32. The Specialist told me that around 64 they will need to do a blood transfusion in utero or get him out, depending on how far along I am.  That he will just be in NICU for a bit and will be just fine if he makes it in there till 33 week. So, yeah, I was a stress case. That effected my sleep, and just overall health. The hip pain was unbearable most of my pregnancy and then I went into labor at 30 weeks (but didn’t give birth yet). I was in triage at 30 weeks and then again at 32 weeks with contractions that were five minutes apart, so they put me on bed rest.  Because of the Antibody E situation, I was told my labor wont be stopped. We will allow the body to naturally give birth no matter how early, because the body wants to get rid of my pregnancies. No wonder my other two were born a few weeks early. 

I planned to have a supernatural birth with him. You know, painless birth. I read a really encouraging little book called "Supernatural Childbirth" and was convinced I was going to have that kind of faith. The faith to believe that the curse of child birth pain is on the cross. That Christ died and put all curses on that cross. During that time I was diagnosed with this. So, my prayer changed. I no longer prayed for a pain free birth, I prayed for complete healing of my body. I prayed my little warrior boy was not going to be effected by this situation of the attacks on his blood. I fought with the faith aspect of it all. God did meet me at my faith level. 

I remember standing in worship at church, and it was as if time stood still, that moment you see on TV, that everything is silent around the character. Yeah, I had that moment. And I held my belly and prayed: "Lord, I know you are honored by bold prayers, I know this curse or attack on my body and the baby's body is on the cross. I hang it on the cross and refuse to allow it in my body right now. I pray these numbers fall at my next appointment and not multiply, in your name I pray, Amen". 

The next day was my blood work day. My appointment was always that following Thursday. So, that Thursday, I went in and my numbers were at 16. The doctor had me go in again that day to get a new blood panel, I did tell him I was healed that Sunday! The doctor and staff smiled and said "well, who else would you have hope in" JESUS!. Week after week we had to push my induction day because the numbers stayed at 16! The numbers stayed at 16 the rest of my pregnancy. I was still induced at 38 weeks. The doctor told me he has never seen any one go past 38 weeks with this because the body wants to get rid of the baby, finding it a threat to the mom's health. 

I got healed to the level of faith I had. I asked the numbers to go down. I actually asked them to be at 16. I should have asked them to disappear!!!!! 

So, if you are going through this and none of your questions are being answered because they really don't know what to say, just have faith. Our Father God wills you to be healed. Completely healed. 

My little Oren Lucas was born completely perfect and healthy. 

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We named him Oren because it means "Strong Pine tree". An evergreen. An evergreen survives all kinds of environments, and my little guy thrived in an environment that tried to get rid of him.

The doctor did tell me that with each pregnancy I had these  antibodies multiplying in my blood. He convinced me that if I get pregnant again I will be looking to blood transfusions in utero and preterm delivery. I was advised to get my tubes tied. And coached about future pregnancy prevention. yeah... I know my God is greater and I know my boys are a gift! The doctor was surprised I actually had three healthy pregnancies considering the number got so high so fast. I took that for granted before. Sure, I can say it a million times, "my boys are a gift". but, going through this, I really, really can say what a gift they are and how thankful I am for having three! Praise the Lord! 

Here's the link to get the book. Pregnant or not, gotta read this.

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