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Popsicles! Home Made Popsicles! DIY Popsicles !

Popsicles! Home Made Popsicles! DIY Popsicles !

Some one! give me a penny for each popsicle I’ve made for my boys this month alone! I would me set. lol

Summer time and popsicle season is upon us like waves in the sea. When we just moved to Florida I bought a box - or two of popsicles. The all natural- organic type. The boys were so excited and so I was I because as we unpacked and cleaned the house, I needed them to take a break. Them to take a break. wow. My guys are wired. OK, then I look at the ingredients and the insane amount of sugar! I quickly went to Amazon and ordered reusable silicone popsicle makers. I’ll link our favorite ones. I say that because I have the Cuisinart ones, and the ordered some that I had to return, but now I found the best ones.

And we just use fruit and a little nut milk in a blender and it’s the best thing ever. I did have some orange juice I the fridge, so I’ll post the recipe that has been the favorite of all times. And now my oldest son makes it, so I had to write down the ingredients for him. I do have about 16 popsicle sleeves, so I make enough for that amount and drink the rest as a smoothie.

  • 1-2 bananas

  • zest and juice of one lime

  • 1 cup orange juice or nut milk, our favorite has been hazelnut milk! wowza

  • your favorite berries, a handful or two

  • I had watermelon left over, so I threw that in as well, Also, if you have fresh mint, throw a few leaves in as well. So good.

  • I’ve added collagen powder in this, probiotics, and chia seeds.

  • just go bananas. or go nuts. ;)

    Blend all that up and fill the popsicle sleeves. Super awesome summer treat.

    PS. I have the silicone popsicle molds that have the stick. However, I don’t like them, I mean, they are fun for one summer, but they will be lost all over the place and the tops left outside and thrown away by accident. And I don’t want to buy extra stuff wo the ones that you need to buy the sticks. Any way, this is cleaner and easier for me.

these are my favorite!!! I like that they are wider and fit more juice then other brands I tried.

I got these chairs back when my oldest was two, and still love them.

Style blurb:

I’ve had a few questions about the lizard T that my little man has. I got it at H&M, they are sold out. I’ve linked their other tropical themed kids clothes, and the shorts with the same print as the T, are on there, so Click here .

The dress is super soft and I LOVE the color, runs long. hit the picture to get to amazon shopping page :)

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