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Tis The Season... 5 Ways We Beat Croup

Tis The Season... 5 Ways We Beat Croup

I'm talking "sick" season.  And everyone brings something home that they kindly share with everyone in the house.  Last week Jasper had croup and this week Oren is just a mess. On top of the boys being sick, my dear, darling husband is on the couch dying from a tiny cough.(Vlad, I love you and want you to get healed from that nasty cough ASAP) 

Lets talk about Croup: Inflammation of the larynx and trachea in children, associated with infection and causing breathing difficulties

I've read countless Pinterest boards, blogs, and comments regarding this thing. Yet still, every year I struggle through it.  My three year old had croup when he was nine months old and we rushed him to the ER because he wasn't able to breath.  They did a breathing treatment and gave him steroids to open up his air ways.  The cough was hideous and I actually camped at his bed side all night so I can prop him up in his sleep when he was having a hard time breathing.  sigh.  I'm a bit more prepared now and we overcame it pretty fast.   Here's my 5 tips on fighting croup:   

  1. Cold Air/ Steam. To help open up the air way, we take the boys- all bundled outside to breath in cold air. What else was suggested; going into the bathroom and running hot water and let it steam up.  I also run a humidifier at night in the room for the first three days. My mom took me to the forest when I was little, apparently I got croup every year. 
  2. Manuka Honey (if your kiddo is over one year) is antibacterial, anti viral, and anti fungal! I make a chamomile tea for the boys with honey, and about 10 drops of the "healthy respiratory support" tincture ( I have it in pictures,  it's amazing) So, why Manuka honey? 

    click here  for more info. It's pricy, but I always have some in the medicine basket when people are sick, and I do get local organic honey from:

    Bee Way Honey

  3. Essential oils. I oil my boys like there is no tomorrow! The oils that helped tremendously are; Breath - diluted, I rub on the chest and back, and the tops of the toes and tops of feet. Copaiba essential oil, has anti-inflammatory properties, I rub it on the front and back of the neck - instantly helps with breathing! It's amazing. For the three year old Siberian Fir really helped with breathing as well. Black pepper oil, I put on the bottom of the feet to help loosen any mucus in the lungs (my boys always have a bit of a rattle in the lungs following croup).  Thyme Essential Oil, I put on the bottom of the feet. This oil is pretty "hot" so be careful when applying on the feet and then touching other part of the body, it's not fun. So, thyme - is anti-bacterial and helps boost the immune system to fight off anything else that will attack the little bodies when they're down. Frankincense, I apply on the bottom of the feet and behind the back of the neck and behind the ears. It is anti inflammatory, anti-septic, immune-support, soothes cough and aids in breaking up phlegm respiratory tracts and the lungs. It's a super oil.  I diffuse: Lavender, peppermint, lemon, and a few drops of Frankincense and thyme. 

    click here for more info on essential oils and purchase  Doterra

  4. Keeping the Kiddos propped up when sleeping. This is nearly impossible for my little squirmy sleepers.  As I said before, I camped out in my son's room when he got it the first time to help him get into almost a seated position with his pillow. It really helps them breath at night. BUT, with the Copaiba essential oil on the neck, I found it was easier for them to breath through those first few hard night. Yes, this mama was in dire need of coffee and the Lord to function. 

  5. Vitamines and Supplements.  

  • Vitamin D - helps boost the immune system, anti inflammatory, fights infection and so much more. Here in the great North West it's essential.  I haven't been giving my kiddos Vitamin D because we had so much sun for a second of our short lived summer and I wanted them to get it naturally.  As they got sick, I realized they are most likely low in Vitamin D. Get on it moms.  :) 

  • Mushrooms! By that, I'm talking tinctures.  I love Reishi mushroom tincture for respiratory support, but found one (pictured) in a drop form so the kiddos don't taste it as much when I dilute it in their juice. Guys, this helps with kids and adults as well.  It's called Host Defense - respiratory Support. I'm going to link it bellow. Oh, and I found a mushroom hot chocolate with reishi mushrooms, the boys loved! i'll link it as well. 

  • Hyland's 4 kids cold'n cough - not for croup - but for colds, it's my favorite cough syrup ( I'll link it as well) 

  • Colloidal Silver throat spray - anti-bacterial , anti-viral, anti inflammatory, the list goes on.  I use it when I'm sick and the boys like the spray - they think it's a game ( I'll link it to amazon as well) 

    More info, click here really cool facts on the benefits of Colloidal silver. 

I pray right now that if your reading this and your little one is sick, you get rest and healing for your little one! 

( I haven't figured it out yet, but the stuff from amazon is taking over my screen! I wanted to add the items so you all can see prices and such) 

Here are a few things I have in my medicine basket. The Deep Lung is something I used when I had a horrid cough




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