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Essential Oils in the Makeup Bag

Essential Oils in the Makeup Bag

I have always looked to the women in the bible for beauty advice.  What did they have access to? I haven't researched much - and I will as I get older.  But I know for sure they had zero access to chemicals and other crap that is put in our beauty products nowadays.  So, I know for sure they had oils.  Essential oils and other nut or veggie related oils.  We all know they used olive oil and spikenard that Mary poured on Jesus's feet that is described as an "expensive perfume" was an essential oil.  Any how, today is just how I use essential oils in my makeup. I'll list what I put in and at the bottom I'll have the oils listed and why I chose them for what benefit.

Lavender essential oil in all my eye shadows.

When I just get my foundation I always add a few drops of Myrrh, Frankincense and a drop of Helichrysum essential oils. And I gotta say - Origins is my all time favorite foundation.  I love a natural looking foundation, that evens out skin tone, but I do not love a caky, "makeup" looking foundation - if you know what I mean. ?.

About two weeks after I get a mascara I add a drop of lavender and a drop of rosemary essential oil in the tube. 

Make up remover, to be honest, I just use an oil. I've used olive oil, avocado oil, pumpkinseed oil and walnut oil. I get a very good quality and in a small container because I use such a small about. I've done this since I was a teen.  I do add a drop or two of Lavender essential oil into a bottle as soon as I get it.

Some ofyou know I have seriously white eye brows.  I recently started to rub Cedarwood essential oil diluted with coconut oil on my eye brows to stimulate hair growth.  I will have to let everyone know how that is working out for me.  I did use Cedarwood and Arborvitae essential oil on some bald spots I had after pregnancy.  I saw an incredible difference! This was not an over night thing, this took months of rubbing those oils on.  I went through a bottle of Arborvitae and a bottle of Cedarwood.  My son is 11 months and I started about a month after he was born. But, the growth was significant.  Any how, I want that to happen to my eye brows.  lol .  ASAP

For a brush cleaner I just use a little spay bottle and rubbing alcohol with a few drops of Lavender EO.  I used to work at a school for special needs kids. Across from the Physical Therapy room was the Occupational Therapy room.  That occupational therapist had kids that were highly allergic to smells in cleaning chemicals.  The OT used to make a sanitizing spray with pure vodka and lavender essential oils.  We would spray our rooms after each session with kiddos and it was perfect.  She told me she had used this spray for years at home and at the school to kill germs and such and never had a kiddo react negatively to the spray.  She said she used it as her make up brush cleaner as well.  So I went home and made one using rubbing alcohol because I didn't have vodka and it just stuck with me.  So I spray all my brushes about once a week and give them a good cleaning every now and then when I remember.   

Alright so here is the list, and I'm only listing the benefits for the skin and hair in makeup products, these oils have so many other uses and properties.

  • Cedar wood Essential oil -Anti -inflammatory, Anticeptic,  stimulates hair growth, helps with acne breakouts - dries them out!                                                                                                          
  • Frankincense - Immunostimulant, Anticancer, anti-inflammatory, restorative,  wound healing and wrinkles - supports skin regeneration ( how awesome!) helps reduce the appearance of scars.                                                                                                                                                      
  • Helichrysum -Antispasmodic, neuroprotective, neurotonic, vasoconstrictor, haemostatic, analgesic ( it's an expensive oil, BUT,  always have it because it is insanely amazing for wound healing andhave three boys, its been so helpful plenty of times) it helps reduce wrinkles, scars and wounds.                                                                                                                                                         
  • Lavender -Antibacterial, Regenerative, Soothing and relaxing, Analgesic, antihistamine,  helps heal and clean cuts, wounds and blisters, sooths and promotes skin healing.                               
  • Myrrh - Anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-infectious, antifungal.  Decreases fine lines, wound healing, oh goodness, I love Myrrh.                                                                                   
  • Rosemary - Analgesic, stimulant.  stimulates hair growth ( that's why I put it into the mascara)

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