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Pom Pom Mobile for the Nursery

Pom Pom Mobile for the Nursery

Well Hello! This is my first post! and I'm excited about it. 

This little mobile is super cute.  I had to make it twice, you'll see why later in the post.  I chose pom poms because they are adorable, and made from yarn.  My mom used to knit and I am sure some of you reading this have a pair of socks she knitted. She was amazing...sigh.  You'll be seeing a few things of yarn because I had so much left from her and it reminds me of her, I just need to teach myself to knit at some point in my life!  Any ways...

When I was trying to come up with a theme for my 3rd son's nursery I really didn't want to spend too much time, energy, and money on it.  I actually didn't know if he was going to have his own room or be in our room forever.  He ended up in his own, because the kid is load! So, lucky him.

His room is evolving almost every week and has become my favorite room in the house. It all started with a vintage whicker bassinet my friend found on Craig's List for $10. Complete score.  I had to re-wieve it in some places and spray paint it blue and grey.  It's beautiful.  BUT, I wanted a pop of color in contrast to the pale blue and grey.  So this Pom Pom idea popped into my head! I went to Micheals and under $20 I got all the supplies I needed to make it. So here it goes...

At Michael's I found a plywood ring in the floral department to make wreaths. In the frames department I found little hooks; these are for the plywood ring and one for the ceiling, you'll need 5. I used yarn left over from different projects I do with the boys. You can tie the yarn around the ring, this way you will only need one hook for the ceiling. I also picked up a bag of wood beads, they were not where all the necklace beads are at Michaels, but where glitter and plastic kids beads section is. And I got a pom pom maker.  Let me tell you, I tried making the pom poms by hand and then trimming the ends, it was horrid, I got blisters on my fingers! I'm sure I needed sharp scissors but all I have are kids and kitchen scissors in the house.  So the $7 pom pom maker was a great idea. 

  • Start by choosing your colors. 
  • Then make all your pom poms using the pom pom maker. 
  • Wrap the plywood ring base with yarn and measure how long the strings will be from ceiling to the circle. 
  • Attach 4 hooks to the circle for the yarn that will then attach to your ceiling. 
  • Cut 4 strings long and 4 short. You want the mobile to balance so you want to make sure you place the same length stings with the same amount of pom poms on opposite sides. 
  • Assemble your mobile.

Like I said, this is the second Pom pom mobile I made.  The first one, I made my own pom poms with out the pom pom maker.  BUT our cat destroyed it! and I found that with the pom pom maker the pom poms are tighter, so they wont be falling apart, even if she tugs at them again.  I've been keeping my eye on her and not allowing her in the nursery.  You guys, she didn't even run away after I scolder her ! Just made herself comfy and took a nap. 

If you don't want to deal with pom pom makers and yarn and all that, just get a bag of pom poms from the store and glue them on the yarn with fabric glue.

This mobile turned out super cute.  My son loves it.  And I love that because in the mornings I don't wake up to a crying baby, but to sweet little sounds as he watches the pom poms and tries to catch them. 

I look forward to posting again soon! I'll attempt a cake from my mom's cook book next week since its Thanksgiving !!

Little Red High Chair

Little Red High Chair