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"What is your mother? A lioness among lions!" - Ezekiel 19:2

OJ is always a good idea. Orange Juice for the win! Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

OJ is always a good idea. Orange Juice for the win! Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice


If it’s a Saturday morning, we are usually at a local Farmer’s Market. I’ve made this a fun tradition with my family and we love it. Get up early, get dressed and go. Usually just pick up baked goods as we walk through the market. Some one is always selling good coffee - that makes this mama happy. I found that fresh squeezed orange juice was so pricy! I never gave into buying the boys a cup for $6! I just went and ordered my own orange squeezing machine thing. I’ll post a link bellow. OK, I now know why it’s so pricy! To make three cups of juice I need an entire bag of oranges! AND some definite arm strength, and core strength. wowza. I am looking for a mechanical one now instead of the manual one. Although, the manual one looks super cool. I’m sure the man in your life will have zero issues making you OJ every morning. Let the man do his thing. :)

You guys! Vitamin C is so important in tissue repair! and oranges are packed with Vitamin C. So get those oranges squeezed!

I am blessed to life in Florida where I can find citrus quite cheaper at markets and farm stands then a local grocery store. These oranges are not beautiful, but they are so juicy and perfect. I found the store bought oranges that are the same size and shape, just aren’t very juicy. AND, very hard to squeeze anything out of them. I bought a bag or blood oranges from a local market and a bag of local clementines or mandarins and those babies worked amazing with my manual orange squeezer. even my son was able to do it.

Ok, that’s that.

I love the metal straws, I’ll link below as well. Everyone need to have them and start doing their part to save our oceans. Lets just start with our own family and make our own small choices and teach our kiddos how important taking care of what we have really is all about. Gosh - a whole different blog post. man… lol

happy juicing !

I love these straws! click image to shop on Amazon.

Here's the one that I have pictured. I have the Orange one. BUT, am thinking to exchange for a motorized one. I love some of the ones I likned.

growing up, we just had one of these simple ones, I like the stainless steel one, we just had a plastic one. I tell ya, that thing lasted forever!

I am thinking to try this mint one...

and here's one of those dream kitchen ones, it's so dreamy - I can smell the orange juice already :)

Icecream Sandwiches for the win! Summer Must Dessert

Icecream Sandwiches for the win! Summer Must Dessert