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BEST bottle EVER! Glass Joovy Boob Bottle

BEST bottle EVER! Glass Joovy Boob Bottle

I have to include this bottle review in "things we love" because, OMG, we love this bottle! Glass Joovy Boob bottle - only the best for my little man cubs.  ( giveaway details below!)

 I used the glass Dr. Browns bottles with Simon, but there are just way too many parts and special tools to clean the vents and such.  I had a special rack to house all the parts.... its too much.  I didn't mind it with my first because - you know - he was my first... sigh.  With the coming of my second little man, I was working full time and home schooling my first.  There was absolutely no time for all that fuss.  I needed a simple bottle, and it had to be glass. So, I searched all over for a glass bottle that had less parts and a fantastic vent system.  I found some leaked, some had those extra parts, some had a special brush I didn't want to buy.  I did try all of them ! I did that because my son would NOT take a bottle, so one by one I had a collection ! I had to work so there was no choice in the matter.  Well, he just didn't eat! starved himself for 8 hours.  I finally ordered the Glass Joovy Boob bottle and prayed the kid would take it.  I think it's the silicone sleeve, the bright color, or the nipple technology in that bottle -happy day that was - when my son took the bottle! 

Why am I so keen on a glass bottle verses plastic?  I tried the plastic bottles, but the smell still lingered, to me that was a sign of bacteria inside the plastic pores.  So I would throw it away and buy some more.  The thought of the plastic chemicals absorbing into milk and ingested by my infant through me off as well.  Oh and they melted in the dish washer.  

Yes, a glass bottle is more expensive but I only bought two for each baby.  I seriously don't know how many plastic ones I had.   Always  invest in a new car seat, and a really good bottle. 

Check out the Joovy Glass Bottle on their website http://joovy.com/boob-baby-bottle-glass/  OH, and let me tell you, Joovy has the best customer service I've experienced. 

It's been a few months since I started bottle training my baby boy, he still prefers on tap, but this mama needs a break.  He loves his bottle, and always takes it, but he was having a hard time sucking it for actual feeding purposes.  He was taking it like a play thing.  BUT, you guys, Joovy has these new Naturally Nood Nipple, designed for babies who don't want to take a bottle, this accessory nipple has texture like mom's breast. Wrinkles and bumps help satisfy breastfeeding babies and make for easier transitions between bottle and breast ( took that from their website). I'm telling you right now, I gave him the bottle with the new nipple just today and he was able to actually get a grasp on the nipple!  Another happy day for me ! goodness, I've never been so happy to see my baby take a bottle! He's 8 months, it's time. I mean, I'll nurse him till the end of time- because we all know - Breast Is Best - but I need a break.  Success !!!!!

below is a little video story I recorded for Joovy.  Gosh, you guys, I'm so darn camera shy.....

side note - I am starting Oren on goats milk because it healthier then formula and cow's milk.  You can read more on goats milk here . Jasper loves it as well.  But he had a severe reaction to cows milk so we have him on dairy free milk.  His favorite is this brand in the picture and he loves cashew milk.  I get him the unsweetened kind.  He does steel the baby's goat milk and seems to not have the reaction that he does from cow's milk. 

one more thing, stay tuned to my instagram! Joovy is sponsoring a three pack of these bottles. !!! I'm so excited for three people to win these! I'll be posting the giveaway this week ! You'll have to follow me on Insta, I'll be posting rules and announcing winners on my story. 

One winner will be randomly picked if they tell me what animal my son is holding in a picture on http://joovy.com/boob-bottle-story the first person to DM on Insagram wins!!!!!

p.s. Guys, check out their walkers as well! Oren loves it! Joovy Spoon Walker

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