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10 Beach Bag Must Haves!  Mom's Beach Bag Must Haves. What to Bring For the Beach.

10 Beach Bag Must Haves! Mom's Beach Bag Must Haves. What to Bring For the Beach.


I’m so excited to be in Florida and I have a million things I want to write about, products to review, write pieces of my heart and take a gazillion pictures of sunsets on the beach. I’m still organizing my house and catching up on the boy’s school work so I yet to write how we are settling and what my heart is on that. I do promise I still will.

When we go to the beach I am always packing for the boys and making sure all the fun stuff is ready in the car for them, like boggie boards and snorkeling equipment. I always forget about what I need. I know most woman are like me, and need to just have a cute little beach bag for themselves. Or a pocket or something with things us girls need.

Ok, here are must haves!

1) Cute beach bag! I’ll link the one I have and ones I love on Amazon right now.

Just Click the Pictures to be linked to shop on amazon ( I love Amazon you guys!)

2) You need a straw hat. One that folds into your luggage will be best and if your going to a hotel, just iron it when you get there. Most rental homes and hotels have irons so don’t worry about folding your straw hat. It will be ok. I’ll link one of my all time favorites I got on amazon a few years ago and other ones I love.

This Columbia one is in my cart now. I like that it's moisture wicking.

3)Sun Block. Gotta have the sun block. I use a spray on one because it’s easier to ask my boys or my husband to spray me and now have stripes later. lol. Also, get a face sunblock stick as well. I like the ones from Trader Joe’s and the Sun Bum brand. I’ll link those. :)

Just hit the picture to shop on amazon...

4) I love to have a hair detangle spray, especially if we’re going somewhere right after the beach and have no time to go home and shower, but just showered down at the beach. My hair needs this stuff. So good.

I love this product, ingredients and all. So So good

5) Chap Stick! ouh so many times I wished I had chap stick on my lips when I’m at the beach! Now I always have it packing.

Get and SPF one. I use a burtsbees and Doterra one, but this Sun Bum trio looks and sounds like something i want next!

6) you guys! This stuff is AMAZING. It’s an after sun. This is a must of you burn that fist day at the beach. I’ll link it and other Maui Babe products I love.

This is a must have!

7) beach towel. You guys, get a Turkish beach towel. it saves so much space, and dries on no time, so no more wet towels covered in sand.

8) Hair Ties !

I love these hair ties. Just get a big bunch.

I love these head bands!

9) WATER! And for me- Kombucha is a must. I need probiotics in my life. You guys, I just don’t like the ones with stevia.

10) A little key/ phone pouch. You guys! I love these. It’s great fundraiser for schools in Indonesia. I want to do a blog post soon all about it. I’ll link the contact Instagram here. Bella's Instagram Ask her for info. The little one’s are only $3 and the bigger ones are $5. Such a cool idea for little gifts (FYI). For now it protects the keys from sand. They are so well made with Indonesian fabric. I have four already!

Bella's Instagram

beach bag must haves 6.JPG

You guys, have an amazing time at the beach!

I’ll post all the fun stuff we use at the beach with the boys!

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