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My Journey with Fasting

My Journey with Fasting


I wanted to write how important fasting is for our spiritual life and some deep/big breakthroughs in personal matters. BUT, all I can think of to start this post, is how hard it is. I mean, dieting is super hard for me, impossible really. I have no clue how people are able to diet because we live in a land of plenty, and I was born in a place of time and geography that having a 4th of a banana ( until I moved to the US) was quit special. So, yeah, no dieting for me, I love and appreciate food way too much. However, I can give that up to the Lord. I can fast coffee for 40 days, give up all sugar and dessert goodies for 21 days, and so on, but only for the Lord. The hard part of fasting for me is the spiritual battle that happens in my life. Like clock work, second week of January, when a church wide fast starts, my husband and I don't get along.  I start the fast and never finish it because for the last five years my husband would leave for days, and last year for months. I give up and I cry, and I fall apart. I start blaming everyone and everything and that includes the Lord.  I didn't fight through that, I fought my husband and lashed out at God. I wanted my husband to be part of it, to be part of my life so much. I got caught up in "saving" him in a way, that I lost all sight of the Lord. All sight of His promise and goodness. I wanted my husband on this train and nothing else. I laugh as I write that, because oh my goodness, what about having the Lord be my conductor! Man, I gotta start this year's fast in a new gear. 

This summer, Before starting a fast for my marriage, I studied fasting a little more. I read the book of Esther twice, not to miss something important she did to save her entire nation after a three day fast. That's the spirit I want. "for God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of POWER, LOVE and SELF-Discipline". 2 Timothy 2:7 ( Caps for emphasis). Another "fasting" verse that opened my eye and spoke to me is Isaiah 58. It's really long, use link for the Scripture . This convicted me to really evaluate myself, to humble myself before demanding things from the Lord. Because that's kinda how I approached fasting before. Sure, I make a list of breakthroughs for my fast, but it's with a humble heart and to glorify Him. 

"Since the first day that you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I have come in response to them." Daniel 10:12 Oh, how I love when reinforcement comes! When the impossible happens.

And so, our Church wide fast began on Monday and the walls of our marriage began to shake. Fear sank in so fast and so heavy that it took me by surprise, and knocked me off my feet! Those same thoughts attacked my mind. Thoughts like "another year of hell, and things will never change, no need to fast, give up now, better to be a single mom any ways, better without him any ways, he will never change, no need to pray for him, why pray for him, I already said every prayer..." Those type of thoughts attacked me so hard that I started to question my worth. Old insecurities sprang up like wild fire! I was actually surprised at myself. I had to shout "devil, leave me alone, take your claws off my husband, the battle is won! I won, you have no root here, Jesus had uprooted it, stop playing mind games, in the name of Jesus." Oh, the enemy didn't stop there, I kept feeling like a failure, in marriage, as a wife, and a mom, sigh. When he attacks, he attacks full force. Fasting, is bringing the reinforcement. like Daniel (Daniel 10:1 ) It's a beautiful example of the spiritual battle breakthrough. In battle, once an army forfeits, they are under the rule of the new regime. My goodness, I will not forfeit my husband and my marriage to that regime, I will stand and fast for reinforcement in the heavenly realm and fight on! 

 When the disciples were not able to cast out a demon Jesus said, “This kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting” (Mark 9:29).  


“I humbled myself with fasting.”
-Psalm 35:13

What is Fasting? Click here , and scroll down. Recipes for Daniel Fast Click here

I went to a local produce stand to stock up on Daniel Fast essential, seasonal produce. This is Thompson Farms Produce Stand. Love that they are Insecticide and Fungicide free! 

 Ok guys, lets stand together and break the devil's schemes on our lives in, join the FAST movement (pun intended).

Comment below if you can recommend reading on Fasting, or recipe books you tried during a Daniel Fast. 

love you ! 



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