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"What is your mother? A lioness among lions!" - Ezekiel 19:2


Well, HELLO!

I haven’t posted for some time, and really miss sitting down, writing my thoughts, taking pictures and sharing on here. I like to engage with people and this really is a great place to do that, I mean, so is a coffee shop, church or just the street, but, who wants to get out in the rain?

Any ways, if you don’t follow me on Insta gram, then you wont know why I’ve taken time off from my blog. I’ve been working and staying home- a lot. So, two years ago I signed up to showcase my painting at a gallery area in one of the big hospitals in the area. when my time was approaching to finally do the exhibit I didn’t have enough paintings! I procrastinated till September (the show was to be put up in January this year) came by and I needed to paint 12 more pieces. I made a schedule and started to paint. the problem was, I had a painters block. For real. I had no clue what to paint. Nothing was coming to me to sketch in the sketch book. I had nothing! Do, I pulled out and old sketch book and stared flipping though it. I found a page of notes form a few years ago. One of my friends suggested I paint my memories. Pages were filled with notes. As I read those notes, I started to sketch.

The place that is etched on my heart from my childhood is our datcha in Ukraine. a place where it was safe to be a child and just be free to explore and explore. I just remember so much joy and curiosity being there. I remember picking a poppy flower and just being mesmerized by it. Holing it up to the blue blue sky and then smoothing the delicate petals with my little fingers.

Another sweet memory is sitting with my mom outside the cottage and watching a family of swallows feed their babies and then fly out and communicate together in the air. It me it seemed like dancing. To my mom it was just love. She told me that a swallow loves deeply and has one mate for life. The most beautiful thing is that they always find their way back home.

I love this painting of the girl blowing the dandelion. She’s wearing the school uniform that I remember wearing on the first day of school. School in Ukraine was tough. Teachers were inhuman with zero personality and super strict. My mind was always in some kind of lala land. I sketched princesses and tree house adventures, the blue blue sky at the datcha and the warm sunshine on my face, not the dark and sepia toned class room.

I am working on another page/store for the paintings, I’ll keep everyone posted when I launch that bit. :)

I’m linking some of my favorite paints. I use the professional liquatex paint, but, I would start with the basic ones if you have never painted. I’ll link some canvases as well. Gotta love Amazon!

We're Moving! 2019

We're Moving! 2019

 Books, Books, Books (New book added to list )

Books, Books, Books (New book added to list )