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"What is your mother? A lioness among lions!" - Ezekiel 19:2

Mother's Day 2019

I Just read my post from last year’s Mother’s Day. Feelings and such. Some good stuff you guys. You can read it here. I miss my mom very much. I miss her voice and just watching her do “mom” stuff like sewing and making scones. sigh… However, this Mother’s Day I didn’t get flooded with emotions as in the years past. Maybe it’s because the move to Florida from Portland last week has flooded me with all kids of emotions and I just need an emotional break. ya know?

I’m feeling overwhelmed with the amount of “fixer upping” the house needs. Our funds are drained. Yet, we find something else broken each day. Yesterday my alternator blew in my car! Vlad was just finishing up fixing the drain in the kitchen sink, and a valve in the outside water system broke. Vlad went to get he part and discovered the car overheating. Then, he looked at me and laughed, saying “trials and tribulations, if anything this is really rocking us hard”. Thank the Lord all mighty that Vlad was still here and was able to get the part and fix it before he left back to Oregon.

This morning I woke up at three in the morning and took him to the airport. sigh. Even though I want the trial separation, I find myself missing him. Missing all that he does with the boys. A father really does set the tone on how kids will act toward their mom. Any ways, this mother’s Day I find myself fighting an unseen enemy that wants so much for me to be a single mom and struggle in every area of my life. I know that what I ask of my Father in Heaven, I will receive because He is so good. I just can’t settle for this. Settle on the attacks that are coming left and right and call that my reality. The reality is that what the enemy is seeking to steal, kill and destroy right now, God will turn to good. AGHHHH, so so good! cant wait!

So, Mother’s Day… I’m not at a fancy restaurant, not getting my nails done (as I usually do) but, I’m home, in my favorite place. I’m surrounded by my boys that adore me…Push me to my limit, but they adore me :) We are not broken. We are healed and made whole.

I’m exhausted in every way possible, but, the fight is already won. I just need to own it. and get some sleep.

Happy Mother’s Day!

I LOVE YOU SIMON ANTHONY. My shinning Star. My first born, you made me a mom, thank you. :)

I love you my Jasper Oliver. My Jasperson. My Jasperonie Macaroni. My Jasper Heart.

My Oren Lucas! how I love you. You are my little sunshine.

PS. I’m going to link the jumper. It’s from Target. I love it!

click here for the jumper I’m wearing

click here for earrings ! I have them in a different color, from Nordstrom Rack. Online they only come in the pink. So fun though !

swim suit, I got from SHEIN.com, however, they have a non refundable swim suit policy, so if it doesn’t work, you cant return! There are so many on Amazon. I’ve ordered a few since. Make sure it’s Prime so you can mail them on back if they don’t fit.

I'll link some I like :)


Great is Thy Faithfulness.......

Great is Thy Faithfulness.......

 Sweet Mother's Day 2018

Sweet Mother's Day 2018