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Infant CPR, everyone should get Certified.

Infant CPR, everyone should get Certified.

Thank God I am CPR certified, or I really would not have known what to do when yesterday I was faced with my 10 month old choking and struggling to breath.  Sigh...

He's ok. everyone is ok.  mama is ok.

Oren is 10 month old and has been eating all kinds of foods lately.  I seriously was giving him everything and following Baby Led Weaning ( it's giving your baby solids little by little and not doing puree's).  I still do purees because he likes them and I have them in the freezer for him. He has only choked on an apple a little so we stay away from those.  Yesterday he found a cracker on the floor that one of the older boys were eating and I heard him choke on it, I hurried up and cleared his throat with my finger because I could see it in his mouth.  It was one of those crackers that are crunchy and do not melt in your mouth.  I asked Simon to make sure they are picked up off the floor and went about my laundry folding. Then, I hear him choking again! I hurried over and swiped my finger in his mouth and again cleared his throat.  The cracker he found was under the table ( I mean seriously, this kids is a little vacuum!)  On the third time he was choking hard, not able to cough.  Coughing helps the littles clear the lodged object. I used my finger to swipe in this mouth, but nothing, the cracker was to deep in his throat.  He was having a hard time breathing and just choking, again - no coughing, his body was trying to get rid of it, but couldn't.  My training kicked in, I was very calm, flipped him into the infant CPR position and proceeded to give him CPR.  He throw up, but the cracker was still stuck in there, closing his airways.  He was turning blue around his lips and just struggled to breath.  I proceeded to do CPR again, and again he threw up, but still - no stupid cracker! At that point I began to panic hard.  I called upon the Lord and asked for help as I franticly searched for my phone and dialed 911.  As I was telling the response unit that my son is choking and my address, I decided to do another back blow just to help him breath and clear the airways one more time as I wait for EMT to arrive.  I did my final back blow and the cracker flew out with vomiting to follow.  I told the lady that it's out, but still wanted the paramedics to check him out. Safety first.  The EMTs came, as nice and calm as could be.  Oren gave them a huge smile and just rested on me.  I was so shook up, one of the guys reminded me that I had dinner on the stove. I said "oh, yes, sure there is". And just sat there crying and thanking God for the gift I was holding in my arms.  The EMT, just went in the kitchen and stirred my dinner.   They calmed the boys down with fire fighter hats and stickers and told Simon what a huge help he was to his mama. He really was ! I'm so blessed to have him.

But you know, I would never have known what in the world to do if I didn't have CPR training.  I would never have known how to perform the Heimlich on an infant ( I've only seen adult rescues in movies). Seriously would have watched my son choke and struggle to breath until the ambulance arrived. I don't even want to think of "the worse" that could have happened.  

Picture from  http://www.swimkidsaz.com/cpr-classes.php   if your in Phoenix - they have free Infant CPR classes.

Picture from http://www.swimkidsaz.com/cpr-classes.php  if your in Phoenix - they have free Infant CPR classes.

I encourage you to find a local CPR class instead of an online class and get hands on training, if you must take one on line, there are pretty awesome deals out there.  I'm a tactile learner, so I need to be in a live class.  I've actually found classes for half the price on Craig's list when I lived in FL and did those with class mates and co-workers because they were offered from individuals to a group. I've listed some local places, so get registered. Make a date out of it, I don't care. Just get certified.

Red Cross  has locations all over.  https://www.redcross.org/images/MEDIA_CustomProductCatalog/m4240175_Pediatric_ready_reference.pdf this is a reference guide. please check it out.




Letting The Littles Make Choices

Letting The Littles Make Choices