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Letting The Littles Make Choices

"Simon, make a good choice", Ms. Maruzars used to say to her preschool class all the time. She was the first person that taught me to communicate with my three year old with out losing my mind, or him losing his, and avoiding a tantrum. She would get down to his level, look him in the eye and say, "Simon if you choose to misbehave, you will get a time out (she had a cute timeout chair), if you choose to follow the rules of the class, you will get to play and get a prize. Simon had a hard time making the right choice those first few weeks of class, but he learned quickly that making a right choice is better for him. When it was time to get off the time out chair, she would ask; "Simon, did you make a good choice?" He would cry, and say he didn't and then say he was sorry. After that she prayed with him, asking Jesus to help Simon make and see the right/good choices, and realize that he can change the world with good choices. He learned quickly what a right and wrong choice was in that class room. I'm telling you, that was the best behaved handful of two and three year old kids I have ever seen to this day!  As Simon got older we disciplined him and reminded him that it was his choice. His choice to disobey or misbehave, with that comes consequences. At first he would tell us that we discipline him because we hate him, but that's not true at all, I don't love to discipline my sons, I rather them just be perfect! BUT life happens, and the freedom of choice kicks in naturally. The consequences of those choices follow suit.  Consequences can be good things, like making the right choice delivers a good outcome for everyone around or involved.  

I've just been thinking about "choices" we make in our lives.  Starting when we're young. Choices in the clothes we wear and friends we make. My goodness, some choices were made for us and that sucks. I wish I pursued an art career, but I chose to buy into the "starving Artist" situation and freaked out. Went for a medical career and don't love it, I don't want to work. I dream of having space to paint, create, and to teach art. But the choices I made have consequences. I have a huge school loan to pay off still form Physical Therapy school, yet I dream of going back to art school for another degree. Sigh. I do love being home with the boys for this season, I do love that choice, but I miss the financial relief from working. aghhhhh, choices ! 

I want to pour into my boys the foundation of a good choice and how to pray for discernment. I want them to know and feel the plan God has for their lives at a young age. His plans are good, plans to prosper my boys, plans to give them hope and future. (Jeremiah 29:11) So, fostering a "good choice" will bring about a clarity of God's goodness and plans for them.  I choose to teach my boys now, at a ripe age of three (that's when we start) about choices. And the consequences that follow. 

Man you guys, it' easier said then done, for sure. So I make a choice now, to be more verbal about giving them a choice. Leading them to make the better choice in life. Because I tell ya, it's all about choices. Lets make a choice to raise up strong men and women, to pursue the things that are true, noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely...( phillipians 4:8)

Just thoughts I've been having lately. 

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