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Giving my Clothes a Chance

Giving my Clothes a Chance

Ok, I love shopping. I mean, I love a great deal and I love going in search of such things. I seriously can't pass up a really well made pair of leather shoes on a mega clearance, nor can I walk away from a fantastic pair of jeans- on sale naturally. Then, I look in my closet with nothing to wear and see stuff with tags still attached to them. I mean, will I ever wear that ridiculous, steel of a deal, polyester blouse? Probably not. (I hate polyester, why do I even buy it?). So, Once a year I do a "give my clothes a chance" challenge. Yes, a personal challenge, where I try my hardest not to shop and give all my clothes a chance before I add to my collection. I start at one end and work my way through all my clothes.

I tried cleaning out my closet a few times a year.  Tried taking everything out of my closet. Tried separating things into wanted/unwanted piles, but I always wind up putting everything back in, thinking, "one day, I'll wear that".  Giving my clothes a "chance" makes me actually think through what I will keep or not, throw away items that have been ruined by moths or just stained beyond OxyClean. The thing is, style changes, trends come and go, and I grow in my own personal style. In my twenties I wore more trendy things that were cheap and lasted that year. Now, I know what I want and love quality versus quantity. I love great fabrics, and well made pieces. And, I love a great deal. Oh, and they must fit right.  Last few years I was nursing babies and was focusing on tops with a lot of room so I can just cover the kid up and not worry about exposing my goods. Boys are older now, climbing me, pulling me in every direction, so I need pieces that will go with me where ever I'm pulled to. Those flowy tops are just not making the cut. I lost some baby fat and want things that are more fitted. So I shop more intentionally, paying attention to the fabric and quality. I need pieces that will last in multiple washes because I have mom stains all over me by the end of the day, and just don't have time for anything "dry clean only" or "hand wash only".  That's my season. 

I still try to buy a few tops a season that are trendy and go amazing with jeans. they absolutely have to be a great deal, because who knows if furry sleeved sweaters will be in next year. Knowing I got a great deal on a trendy piece, I'm ok with it lasting one season. 

So, yeah, lets clean out our closets and give all those clothes a chance. :) 

happy cleaning! 

PS, I really recommend these slim, anti slip hangers. They changed my closets' life. The blue ones I have for my boys. I love the space they save in there. 

MUST GET ITEM: If you have a sweater with those lint balls on it, you have to pick them off, then there's just too many and the sweater looks old, so you get rid of it, cause who has time to pick lint balls off. Guys! There's this lint removal machine, I got mine at target. I'm attaching one that's rechargeable and one that I have. You must get it. I've made hats, sweaters and knit blankets look like new. 

A little personal Style:

The pants are Theory. I love them. Great quality and fabric and I've had them forever.  Theory shop, click here .  

Light Blue Turtle neck sweater is Zara , click here .  

Earrings I got a million years ago from a BFF. 




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