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Office Space on a budget, Office DIY, Office Decor, Home Office Ideas

Office Space on a budget, Office DIY, Office Decor, Home Office Ideas

Hello Everyone! welcome to my office.

I have a bedroom with a little nook area. We had used it as office space before, after or home office was converted to a nursery, when my first son was born. I think I just used it as an exercise space before. No wonder I was fit back then. Gotta work on a work out space next ( mental note).

OK, I’ll get right into it. I am on a very tight budget right now in my life, but I need a space for myself! I want everyone to take a moment now and make sure you have Facebook, and belong to the “Facebook Market” or a local “Facebook Free/swap” group. That’s how I got my desk! To be honest, I was driving down the road and saw a baby swig my neighbors put out to get picked up by trash, I took that and other baby stuff and right away listed them on the Facebook Market place. Within hours I sold most of it and traded the swing for a desk! The desk needed knobs and a pant job.

So I borrowed a sander from my neighbor and bought some paint and new knobs and it looks amazing! I will link everything to Amazon below, as far as knobs and light fixture and even some cool desks, and the office chair that I just love. (pictured)

About Amazon, I have so much in my cart, but then there are “flash deals” and amazon send me notifications about such deals. It’s great. I’ve gotten a few things at great prices on there! Like my office chair - you guys! It was one of those “prime day” deals! $80 (originally $179).

The cork board is something my dad brought over so I can get rid of it for him. Some gold and cream paint and its’s cool again. It’s a keeper! I spray painted it a cream color, I used a chalk board paint, thought I wanted to keep it all cream color, but then taped off the cream when it was dry and created a boarder by spray painting the rest brassy gold. I love it. I’ve gotten a really beautiful frame before from Salvation Army and put an old cork board in it, or you can buy cork board sheets and fill one of those in. Then I sprayed the entire thing teal. it was really cool for that space - just an idea. Or, I’ll link already beautiful boards bellow.

What’s on my desk? My friend sent me a book. It’s called “Awaken” by Priscilla Shirer. It’s a 90 day devotional type thing. It’s so good! I recommend it very much. Super easy to read and then journal. I also have a light box with a scripture on it from Joshua 1:3, I will give you every place where you set your foot, as I promised Moses”. I love that promise. I take it. You take it.

Click the pictures for shopping!

About the paint on my desk - it's from Home Depot, Behr Flat, color: PR-W04 Opulent Opal. I love that it's off white, kinda a lavender/white. LOVE it so much. I put two coats on the desk with a smaller roller. Then did a top coat with the polyurithane, I'm linking that.

I LOVE THIS CHAIR! I have been looking for a chair with arm rests and this color. I was so excited it was on sale!

You guys! I love this dinnerware set from Noritake Colorwave. I got it when I just got married. It's durable, dishwasher/microwave safe,and oven safe! I'm going to link it becuase its fantastic and I love it. I have the round set. In Blue and green to change it up.

The knobs! I got two different sizes. I love them. 2-1/2 inch and 5inch.

This book is amazing !

My pen holding pot I made in ceramics class in college. Just go to Salvation Army, I'm sure you'll find cool handmade pots there for pens. I wanted to link some on Amazon, but, you'll get a better deal and something one of a kind at a thrift store.

This light box is super cute. I got mine as a gift. The one I'm linking is 30% off.

My cork board is 23x36

I just went to link a board with gold frame, guys! they are $160! Just do it yourself. The boards are only $13 and the gold spray is $8.

things I love for the office.

I have DIY stone coasters. I got the stones form a rock store on the Oregon coast and then added felt to the bottom. I'm linking ones I really like .

This GOLD stapler ! I need.

here's the calendar I got. I love it!

tools everyone needs...

The painting is by ME :) you can find me on Instagram click HERE .

That’s it.

If I forgot something or if you have any questions that comment and I’ll get back to you :)

Happy furniture restoring :)

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